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Bafco For Training Technology  is the Middle East’s fastest growing Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Training  Provider. Founded in May 2004 , Bafco for training  was established to meet the growing demand for high quality, standardized health and safety training. Forging ahead to consistently exceed the needs and expectations of our clients, Bafco delivers flexible safety training solutions that equip your workforce to deal with real life risks and circumstances in all related fields. Bafco is setting International benchmarks in safety standards everyday. Our World Headquarter is based at the heart of Basra, the beating heart of Iraq where we understand the demanding and challenging working environments of this country and beyond.

Bafco aims to help protect people who are the most valuable asset of any organization, increase business profitability and mitigate risk through investment in training of employees, workers and even private individuals. Our in-depth expertise and uncapped professional capabilities generate confidence which produces a winning formula of productivity and efficiency. Bafco has become the most-sought-after training provider due to its emphasis in providing only the highest quality standards in training. Bafco is proud of its state-of-the-art training facility which boasts state of the art training equipment and technology unrivaled in the Region. 

In parallel to above Bafco Developing the essential technical and business skills that power sector professionals need to deliver their key objectives throughout their career, relies on receiving first rate, sector specific training.

Service Benefits

Bafco  have a unique technical heritage within the industry stretching back over many  years, giving us unrivalled experience and expertise across the sector. We have used this experience to develop one of the most extensive ranges of specialist, technical courses and professional development programmes available to professionals working especially within the Oil and Gas industry in Power Sector.
What’s more, as a Power Sector employer ourselves, we have a real understanding of the needs of the industry, enabling us to develop training that is directly relevant, time efficient and cost effective.
Our courses and programmes deliver immediate impact and maximum value.

We can help you:

  • Get a better return on your time and training investment – by delivering training that is aligned specifically to Oil and Gas Industry needs
  • Improve operational performance – increasing productivity, safety and personal effectiveness
  • Offer a complete Skills Development solution – developing essential commercial, management and interpersonal skills alongside leading edge technical abilities
  • Manage your career development – maximising potential by developing skills that increase your value to your employer and enabling ongoing progression
  • Increase employers’ capability to address workforce renewal – creating and retaining key skills that are in great demand across the sector
  • Manage workforce development more cost-effectively – providing the essential skills needed to achieve your strategic objectives

By providing:

  • Strategic development that utilises our knowledge, skills and experience to improve overall organisational and individual effectiveness
  • Unique knowledge transfer of leading edge technical skills and Power sources industry best practice
  • Performance management training specifically aligned to the Power sector
  • Training that is designed, developed and delivered by industry leading practitioners and experts
  • Find out how we can help you develop and retain the skills you need in a rapidly changing this industry.

Our Company seeks to maintain and grow its reputation for providing excellent projects management services ,cost effective and innovative solutions . Technical excellence in projects execution, and final installation, which accepted as high quality by the reputed client’s .


API Courses(American Petroleum Institute)
      API 510 (Pressure Vessel Inspector Courses)
      API 570 (Piping Inspector Courses)

API 653 (Aboveground Storage Tank Inspector Courses)

      API 580 (Risk Based Inspection Courses)
      API 579-FFS (Fitness For Service) (Assessment of Damaged Components in Oil & Gas Industry courses)
Welding Inspectors Courses WS/CWI
      Certified Welding Inspectors Courses (American Welding Society) AWS/CWI
      Cathodic Protection Awareness Courses
Well Intervention Pressure Control IWCF Courses
      IWCF Courses
NDT (Non Destructive Testing)
      Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) Level II
      Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) Level II (both Surface / Underwater)
      Radiographic Film Interpretation (RI) Level II
      Radiography Testing (RT) Level II
      Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Level II (both Surface / Underwater)
      Visual Testing of Welds (VT) Level II
      Electromagnetic Testing (ET) Level II
      Both Surface / Underwater UTG (Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging)
      Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) Level II
      Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) Level II
Engineering / Architecture  (planning) Courses
   AutoCAD 2D courses
   AutoCAD 3D courses
   CS Photoshop Courses
   3Ds MAX – Beginner Level
   3Ds MAX – Prof. Level
   V-ray Course
NEBOSH Courses
      NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work
      NEBOSH Award in Safety, Health and Environment for the Process Industries
      NEBOSH International General Certificate Complete
      NEBOSH International Fire Certificate
      NEBOSH International Construction Certificate
      NEBOSH International Oil and Gas Certificate
      NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management
      NEBOSH Environmental Diploma
      NEBOSH International Diploma FULL
      NEBOSH International Diploma Unit A
      NEBOSH International Diploma Unit B
      NEBOSH International Diploma Unit C
      NEBOSH International Diploma Unit D
OSHA Courses
      OSHA General Industry Safety& Health standards
      OSHA Construction Industry Safety& Health standards
      OSHA Oil & Gas Industry Safety & Health Standards
      OSHA MPP_ OSHA Maritime Professional Program
IOSH Courses
      IOSH Working Safely (Distance learning only)
      IOSH Managing Safely
OHSAS 18001
      Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems
CIEH Courses
      CIEH Level 1 Award in Health and Safety in a Workplace
      CIEH Level 2 Award in Health and Safety in a Workplace
      CIEH Level 1 Award in Food Safety Awareness in Catering
      CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering
      National Association of Safety Professionals
Other Courses
      Fire Fighting Courses
      Occupational Safety And Health Management
      Risk Assessment Courses
      Safe Work Practices for Confined Space Entry
      Safe Driving (Defensive Driving courses)
      scaffolding safety courses
      Work at Height and fall Protection courses
      Crane Supervisor CPCS Code A62 course
      First Aid Courses
      Electrical Safety
      Equipment inspection and lifting operations safety
      Hot work  abrasive wheels training
      Connecting The System And Functionality
      Hand and Power Tools
      Hazard prevention and control
      Incident command system
      Machine Guarding Course
      Safety Basic General International Rules (SBGIR)
      Manual Handling Course
      Metrics Of Performance
      Hazardous Substance
      Permit to Work Training
      Safety And Health Training
      Worksite Analysis
      Drilling operation safely
      Health & Safety Awareness
      Management Leadership And Employee Involvement
Management and secretarial courses


      drafting administrative and international contracts
      resolving administrative problems and dealing with the behavior of citizens
      Project management PMP courses
      Human Resources HR Courses
      public relations, and the development of human resource capacity courses
      ICDL courses
      writing audit reports in accordance with the legal standards
      management skills and secretarial office
      communication skills administrative departments of the upper, middle and executive
Accounting and Marketing Courses
      Administrative accounting and costs courses
      Financial Accounting courses
      Budgeting and Financial Planning courses
      Banks, stock exchanges and investment courses
      Audit courses
      Governmental accounting and privatization courses
      Marketing and Sales courses
      Foreign Trade and feasibility study courses
      Withholding Tax courses
      Procurement, warehousing and logistics courses
      Financial of sector oil courses
      the letter of credit (LC)
      Accounting records and the preparation of the trial balance and matching bank statement courses

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