Electrical generators are an important and vital alternative to electrical energy, as they are considered an emergency source in some locations and a main source in other locations. Therefore, dealing with generators requires specific expertise that must be available with technical staff, which is divided into two important parts. The first is a mechanic and the other is electric. It also requires knowledge of general weather conditions and conditions of the place. Focusing on important axes during the integrated training course offered by our institute (Bafco), which consists of three levels, as follows, including technical and practical training.

  • Generator inspection procedures

This level includes visual inspection and requires no more from people, The visual inspection is very important, on which the following two levels depend completely, whereby maintenance and scheduling of any faults are scheduled in order to rehabilitate or repair the electric generator, which is applied by applying visual inspection of the site, mechanical, electrical and external inspection of the generator on a scientific basis with safety during the inspection.


  • Preventive maintenance procedures for generators

Maintenance is very important and directly affects the life and performance of the equipment, as it prevents sudden stops

These specifications apply to electric generators in addition to the vitality of the loads that the generators operate, as the sudden stopping affects negatively on them, therefore during the application of maintenance requires a full knowledge of the type of generator also the correct maintenance for both mechanical and electrical  in addition to the correct method of extinguishing and safety and operation method so that it does not cause problems for the generator or equipment And also for the people working on it.



  • Generator Mechanical Overhaul

One of the technical and economic requirements of work is sometimes the rehabilitation of generators so that we increase working hours, which requires scientific and practical training for mechanical and electrical aspects of knowledge of internal parts and the job function and how to repair or replace in safe and safe ways.

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