BafDoc is an enterprise application that control receiving, tracking, managing and storing documents  of the enterprise and storing them in a unified central system for their organization, smooth access and research through them, as well as it aims to reduce paper and limit excessive printing of these documents. It is also able to keep a record of the different versions of those documents that have been created and modified by different users (where there is complete tracking depending on the date when those documents were created).

Document management systems (DMS) usually provide storing those documents in one central place that is easily accessible through the network and finding more than one version of the same document so that it can be referred to in the event of modification, as well as setting metadata for these documents and maintaining security for them in addition to the capabilities of indexing and retrieval.

The concept of Document Management System – DMS is one of the basic concepts within ITIL standards. The option to save documents and organize them is one of the most important options for the enterprise to be a substitute for the usual preservation of these documents in paper folders that are scattered and where there is no statistical value, as it is a better option than leaving the documents scattered in different storage methods without classification or association. This system allows making a value for each document and not dealing with it impartially, as each document will have a specific item, keywords, and a link, which allows it to link with other documents to form a huge data repository that includes all the electronic documents of the enterprise and archives them in a way that facilitates their retrieval quickly and safely.

The BafDoc application stores all the documents of your organization in a unified repository, where each department produces its own documents and stores them in that repository and there is an ability for all the staffs in the enterprise or department to access that document from anywhere and according to the authority. Where those documents are classified according to the sections or the subject of these documents, which may be official books, graphical diagrams, Word documents, or Acrobat PDFs drawn through Skinner or tables.

There are many benefits to using the BafDoc application in your organization that can be summed up in:

  • Business management in an organized, effective and accountable manner.
  • Support and document policy formation and management decision-making.
  • Facilitate effective performance of activities throughout the organization.
  • Meeting legislative and regulatory requirements, including archiving, auditing and oversight activities.
  • Protecting the interests of the organization and the rights of employees, customers, and current and future stakeholders.
  • Provide evidence of the business and personal activity in the organization.
  • Maintaining the memory of the personal or collective institution.
  • Providing services in a consistent and fair manner.
  • Provide consistency, continuity and productivity in the organization and management within the organization.
  • Providing continuity in the event of an emergency disaster.
  • Provide protection and support in litigation, including managing risks associated with the presence or absence of evidence of organizational activity.
  • Support and document current and future research and development activities, developments and achievements.
  • Establishing a commercial, personal and social identity within the organization.

BafDoc application has several features, including:

Automated indexing, where BafDoc tasks depend on document events – such as the concept of a firewall model, validating rules, and applying some actions – help you set your business logic automatically. You can set document rules based on events, for example, move the document to a new destination, make it into a specific category and change its security, and apply a document type change from one format to another (for example, changing to PDF from Word format) and others.

Automatic metadata capture from the document, as it uses OCR technology is the capture of data contained within the document and document processing. It is designed to convert document streams from any structure to ready-to-use text data. OCR technology can also be used on image documents as image and PDF files and convert them into understandable texts.

Advanced document preview, as the application enables instant preview of each document as well as supports reading files in multiple formats.
Control the version of the document, where you can control the version and manage changes to documents. Changes are usually identified by a number or letter of a character, called a “revision number.” Each review is related to a time stamp and the person making the change. Reviews can be compared graphically, and restored.

Network storage support, where central network storage formats can be used with the system to make documents separate from the system server, where the application uses the CIFS, FTP and WebDAV protocols.

In addition to the above, the application also contains the following functions:

  • Archive by email
  • electronic signature.
  • Encryption
  • Advanced search engine.
  • Report Wizard.
  • Task and Calendar Manager.

Purchase options:

There are several options to purchase and order this product from Bafco IT and Training:

1- Installing the application inside the organization to work within the infrastructure of the enterprise or its data center through the installation of a private server and a warehouse for documents.(on-promises)

2- Installing the application within the cloud and payment environment monthly, while ensuring the security of the documents, the backup storage and the storage capacity according to the requirements of the enterprise and the required technical support.

3- An integrated training course for training in using the system.

4- Technical support for the system in case of option (1).

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